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Slow Iraqi dinar revaluation or not

Which one is better the slow gradual rate of rise in the Iraqi dinar or the one moment revaluation? Well, if you see the history then it will tell you no matter what kind of revaluation it is it is better. Better for the investors.
The slow revaluation:
If the revaluation of the currency goes on with h same rate then there are chances that more people will invest. Like the person who got an investment when it was 2003, the rate was 4000 to one US Dollar, and now it is Currency 1160. It sure will be benefit him or her. And if they wait a bit more a year or so more than the returns will be even much more.
The benefit sit hat more and more people get to know and more and more people get to invest and make money. If the Iraqi dinar revaluation would have occurred quickly like 2 years after the war, then the country would have been even more damaged and lead back. And it would have not opened the ways to make investment, and the number of people who invested today would not have been present.
So the slow revaluation even form now onwards will be better. The trend of the Iraqi dinar buying just started and has been never this much before. So the people would want that the price stays the same for awhile so that they may have a chance for making more money by investing more money.
The fast revaluation:
The fast revaluation if it occurs now will not give a chance for the people of course those who have already invested will be happy. But then again still the Iraq is not at a position where the Iraqi dinar revaluation will suit. I am sure they do not want to be like Vietnamese dongs.