This blog conatins latest news about buying and selling of iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar FAQ

Q. When will my order ship?

A. It depends on the demand at the time. Usually you will get your order within 7-10 days when there is a great demand. On normal times you’ll get your Dinar closer to 5 days.

Q. How are the Dinars shipped?
A. The Dinar shipped within the U.S. are shipped via 2-3 Day Priority Mail. Dinars shipped outside the U.S. are shipped via FedEx Express.

Q. Are you an investment advisor?
A. No. You must do your own research and invest at your own risk. The value of the Dinar may be profitable for you or it may not. I give you resources that you can read to make your own decisions but they are not my opinion.

Q. How can I cash in my Iraqi Dinars?
A. We do not repurchase Iraqi Dinar from customers. Until markets develop for the resale of Iraqi Dinars, it may difficult for you to liquidate your Iraqi Dinars or exchange them for US Dollars.

Q. How do I know the bills are authentic?
A. The Iraqi Dinar notes have several security features which are as state of the art as our U.S. Dollars. I check the bills with every shipment I get. I also use a UV light to see the features that show up only under UV light.


Are These The New Iraqi Dinar?

Yes these are the new Iraqi Dinar that came into circulation October 15th, 2003.



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